Thursday, Aug 05, 2021

Panamanian travelers with full vaccination and negative COVID-19 test will not have to quarantine

Panamanian travelers with full vaccination and negative COVID-19 test will not have to quarantine

The Minsa announced that this new measure will take effect from next Monday, June 21.
The head of the Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa), Luis Francisco Sucre announced that in coordination with the inter-institutional team they have decided since Monday, June 21, that every Panamanian traveler who enters the country and carries the complete vaccination card, plus a proof of negative COVID-19, carried out less than 48 hours after entering the country, should not undergo the three-day quarantine.

The head of the Minsa pointed out that the COVID-19 test can be carried out in the country where they come from or at the airport through which they enter the country.

The Minsa had already announced that as of May 24, travelers who wish to enter the country will be able to present their digital vaccination document and a negative COVID-19 test carried out 48 hours in advance through the Association's Travel Pass platform. International Air Transport (IATA) were exempted from quarantine.

At the time of publication PanaTimes did not have clarity on whether the rule would apply to Cedula holders as well. We will publish this information as soon it becomes available to us.

Ian Eloff 50 days ago
James Pierson ... well said, and it's one of the reasons we moved to Panama from there 15 years ago. When we arrived there in 1978/79, it was quite a different place. Since then their much-touted "1st place or 2nd place on the list of best countries to live in" is more and more really just all hype and hot (make that cold) air. Panama did also make some missteps in reaction to this COVID fiasco (Sunshine and fresh air are not risk factors!) but are clearly quick learners! So we have a much more manageable, livable situation in Panama now and overall they're now doing smart things for all of us here. We're very impressed, actually. No country got it perfectly right, but some are still run by popularist leaders - further and further into the ground. The times the are a changing ... but in reality, they changed a long time ago already, for many of the G7 nations. The future lies with smaller, more agile and creative countries.
James Pierson 50 days ago
Canada Wake up and take a lesson from Panama! You are crucifying your travel industry with your non-science-based/ touchy-feely, guilt-driven over-reaction-based mismanagement of the covid issue. Massive leadership failures driven by popularist leaders! ... really did you ever think that a part time snow board instructor/ drama teacher would, or even could, be a wise leader???? Crazy to think that the only qualification for leadership in Canada is having a popularist last name. Why not try to pick the best person for the job next time around? Gene pool depth be damned! Full vaccination certificates and a negative Covid test on entry satisfy every other country , why not you?


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