Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

El buque encalló, vertió petróleo en aguas de la isla Mauricio y posteriormente se partió en dos

Panamanian delegation of experts assists in the investigation of the ship accident in Mauritius

A Panamanian delegation of experts in maritime accidents is assisting in investigations into the accident of the Panamanian-flagged ship Wakashio in Mauritius, which spilled oil and subsequently split in two.
According to the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the ship, which is owned by the Japanese company Nagashiki Shipping Co., diverted its navigation plan, approved at the time of sailing from Singapore to Brazil. The modification could be related to the celebration of the birthday of one of the crew members, after the captain of the boat gave instructions to approach about 5 miles away from the island's coast, looking for a telephone signal and internet.

When the improper approach took place that caused a dangerous situation alerted by the island authorities, the captain, the chief engineer and the first officer were on the navigation bridge.

Analysts point out that with a safe guard and applying good seamanship practices, an appropriate analysis would have allowed the pertinent actions to be taken to avoid the accident.

It was possible to verify that a wrong Electronic Nautical Chart was being used and with the wrong scale, which made it impossible to properly verify the approach to the coast and shallower waters.

Researchers point to the causes: lack of supervision and monitoring of navigation equipment, distraction and overconfidence during watch.

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