Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

Panamanian boxer Atheyna Bylon wins by unanimous decision and advances to the quarterfinals

Panamanian boxer Atheyna Bylon qualified for the quarterfinals of women's boxing at the Tokyo Olympics tonight by beating Australian Catlin Parker.
Bylon beat Parker by unanimous decision (5-0) in the under 75 kg category.

In the three-round bout against the Australian, Bylon took advantage of her long-range advantage to claim victory.

Parker ended the match with a nosebleed.

In the quarterfinals, the channel will face the British Lauren Price on Saturday, July 31 at 1:06 pm, from Japan, that is, at 11:06 pm, Panama time. Price is the favorite of the middleweight (75 kilograms).

So far in the games, six Panamanians have already seen action with Bylon being the first to advance to a next round.

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