Saturday, Mar 06, 2021

La decisión la tomó el Gobierno en el Consejo de Gabinete, dirigido por el presidente Laurentino Cortizo

Panama will reserve $20 million from Savings Fund to purchase of COVID-19 vaccine

In the session on Tuesday, September 22, the Cabinet Council approved the reserve of $20 million, from the Panama Savings Fund, for the acquisition of the safest and most effective vaccine that is finally produced to control in a permanent way the COVID-19 virus.
This sum allows the National Government to access a portfolio of vaccines through the multinational mechanism Covax Facility, which in practice is a kind of policy for adhering countries to have the vaccine, once its effectiveness has been verified and certified, highlights a statement from the Presidency.

The Government makes this decision in the fight against the pandemic, together with other measures that seek to mitigate the consequences of the health and socioeconomic impact of the pandemic, direct and bilateral negotiations with the main pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The Covax Facility is co- chaired by Gavi, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI) and the World Health Organization, and was created to protect citizens. It is a mechanism designed to ensure rapid, fair and equitable access to vaccines against COVID-19.

These countries, which would finance the vaccines through their own budgets, would partner with ninety low-income countries supported by voluntary donations to the Gavi's COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC). According to WHO data as a whole, there are 165 partner countries that represent 60% of the world's population.

HAROLD GALE 162 days ago
Much, much better would be $20 thousand spent on a more or less instant cure, when taken at first signs, which has been proven safe for over 60 years, recommended by CDC against coronavirus, nearly eliminates any need for testing and its enormous costs and too many false positives. It is called hydroxychloroquin and has been dosed over 10 Billion times for various maladies. It costs $5 for the total treatment which lasts a week. Results are seen in hours for early dosing.
General Butler 164 days ago
There is no need for a vaccine, especially one promoted by GAVI (Bill Gates). 99.97% of the infected survive - and that's including the fact that only 6% of the 0.03% who died actually did so purely of covid...the rest had 2.5 comorbidities and an average age around 80. Now tell me, why is the world pulling its hair out over a vaccine? It's insane.


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