Thursday, May 06, 2021

Panama will receive Wednesday the 10th batch of COVID-19 vaccine with 77,220 doses

Panama will receive Wednesday the 10th batch of COVID-19 vaccine with 77,220 doses

President, Laurentino Cortizo said that on Wednesday morning, April 14, the tenth batch of vaccines against COVID-19 Pfizer with 77,220 doses, will arrive in Panama.

Cortizo said that the country has a good number of doses of the vaccine against COVID-19, since the negotiation with the pharmaceutical companies began early.

The Minister Counselor for Health Affairs, Eyra Ruiz explained that the doses will be to continue the vaccination process in the circuits, which is applied to adults over 60 years of age, registered educators and pregnant women.

"Remember that we always start one circuit on Monday and another on Wednesday, so the circuit that begins on Monday comes with what we saved from the previous week and on Wednesday it is with the doses that are arriving," said Ruiz.

Until last week, Panama had received more than 530,000 doses of the preparation from the American pharmaceutical company.

For the first quarter, 450 thousand doses had been agreed with Pfizer.

According to the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI) of the Minsa from last January 20 to April 10, a total of 490,911 doses of vaccine against COVID-19 have been applied throughout the country.

As of this April 12, Operation PanavaC-19 returned in circuit 8-8, with the application of 45,000 doses against COVID-19, to adults over 60 years of age and the first doses to pregnant women and 1,700 educators, the which will run until April 15.

The authorities also highlight that all people who must be vaccinated in circuits 8-8 and 8-9 can enter the site, call line 177 or through the online system to know your day, time and place of vaccination.


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