Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021

La viceministra de Salud de Panamá, Ivette Berrío

Panama will receive next week third batch with 77,200 doses of Pfizer covid vaccine

The Vice Minister of Health of Panama, Ivette Berrío confirmed that the third batch of the vaccine against covid-19 from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer will arrive in the country next week, although she did not specify a date.
In this third installment, 77,200 doses of the vaccine from the American company will arrive.

The negotiating team is in constant talks with vaccine developers so that our country obtains the number of doses of covid vaccines and we can offer the population the number of doses necessary, Berrío said at a conference.

Berrío indicated that to date the regularization of deliveries has been achieved by Pfizer.

Panama received this February 17 the second batch of Pfizer vaccines with 67,860 doses.

On a weekly basis, the company will be sending batches of the vaccine to the country until completing the 450 thousand doses that were confirmed for the first quarter of this year.

Oh ya 59 days ago
Pfizer is not a vaccine. It is a experimental agent. Please stop lying panatimes. Tell the truth so you will be on the right side when bad things start to happen to the sheeple dumb enough to take this. mRNA has never been used on humans before and not even very successful on test animals


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