Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

La cadena revisará mensualmente los inventarios de cebolla

Panama will import 2,500 tons of onions to avoid shortages

For the month of October, Panama will import 2,500 tons of onions, in order to avoid a shortage, which could generate an increase in the price.
To do this, the Onion and Potato Agri-Food Chain agreed to establish an import mechanism for the product, equivalent to 36 containers of onion, each with 50,000 kg of onion, which will be arriving in the country at the beginning of next month, to complement the National Production.

During a virtual meeting, the members of the Onion and Potato Agri-Food Chain (producers, merchants and consumers), adopted the decision after an evaluation of the inventory analysis and supply availability of the item, in order to guarantee stocks, to supply the consumer demand of the Panamanian population.

The chain will review onion inventories on a monthly basis, in order to provide the necessary support to producers and traders to make the best decisions, said a MIDA statement.

Both the Trade Policy Directorate of the Ministry of Agricultural Development, the National Customs Directorate and the Panamanian Food Safety Authority, work so that the national producer is not affected or the cost to consumers is increased.

Currently, the countries authorized for imports are: the United States, Spain and Chile.

The national onion production is around 2,700 tons per month, but due to the heavy rains that are registered in Cerro Punta, a decrease in production yield of about 50,000 kg per hectare is reported.

Statistics from the Agrifood Chain indicate that in 2019, the consumption of the product was 5,000 tons per month, but this year it registers a decrease of 20%, which indicates that only about 4,000 tons of onions are being consumed.

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