Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

Copa Airlines será la primera aerolínea de las Américas en probar el IATA Travel Pass

Panama will implement IATA Travel Pass, Copa passengers will be able to compare health requirements in their itineraries

The Government of Panama and Copa Airlines joined forces to carry out the IATA Travel Pass test pilot, a mobile application that will allow passengers to check their travel itineraries against the COVID-19 health requirements of their destination and validate that they comply with them.
According to the airline, the initial testing phase is expected to begin in March on selected flights from Copa's Hub of the Americas in Panama City.

Using the IATA Travel Pass, developed by the International Air Transport Association, Copa Airlines passengers will be able to create a “digital passport” to easily and securely manage their trips in accordance with government requirements for COVID-19 testing or information about the vaccine.

Dan Gunn, Senior Vice President of Operations at Copa stated that an “international standard solution for digital health passports such as the IATA Travel Pass is the key to the safe restart of the travel and tourism industry, which is an important contributor to the economy of Panama and Latin America”.

This test, “the first in the Americas, which will provide input and feedback to improve the Travel Pass program,” said Nick Careen, IATA Senior Vice President, Airports, Passengers, Cargo and Security.

In addition to checking travel requirements, the application will also include a registry of tests and, eventually, vaccination centers, making it more convenient for passengers to find test centers and laboratories in their place of departure that comply with the testing standards and vaccination requirements of your destination.

The platform will also allow authorized laboratories and test centers to securely send test results or vaccination certificates to passengers. The global registry, managed by IATA, will facilitate and enable the secure flow of necessary information between all stakeholders and provide a seamless experience for passengers.

Oh ya 31 days ago
Just another example you can buy anyone with a fist full of dollars in Panama. Sad to see countries selling out to globalists the likes of mr and mrs devil b gates and soros etc
Curt James 31 days ago
I was looking to Panama as a safe haven from U.S. repression and future loss of liberty.
Instead, it looks like Panama is run by tin horn dictators who pump up their egos by denying basic freedoms to others. I will take my chance in what once was the land of the free and home of the free.
General Butler 31 days ago
This is the last straw. Panama is no longer a free country. Panama has sold its soul to the same globalists which put it on the black list and probably used blackmail and bribery to force the country to ban cheap effective treatments like HCQ and take drastic economy-killing covid response measures so that debt and taxes would increase and every other globalist scheme to bring Panama under their control could be imposed. It was nice knowing ya, Panama.


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