Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Panama will apply entry restrictions to travelers from India

Panama will apply entry restrictions to travelers from India

The Minister of Health of Panama, Luis Sucre said that the restriction measures for travelers from India is due to the health situation in that country.
As of May 3, Panama will apply entry restriction measures to travelers from India or who have stayed in that country in the last 15 days.

This was announced this April 27 at a press conference by the Minister of Health, Luis Sucre.

"This is due to the health situation that this friendly country is going through", he said.

India faces a wave of COVID-19 infections. Just last Sunday, 350,000 infections were reported in a single day.

Currently, the health authorities of Panama have established restrictions on travelers from South America due to the Brazilian variants of covid-19. These travelers must bring a PCR or negative antigen test with them a maximum of 48 hours before their arrival, and upon arrival in the country, they must carry out a PCR or antigen test at their own cost, prior to their entry into migration.

If the test result is negative, you must comply with isolation for 5 days at your home or in a hospital hotel, However, if the test result is positive, an RT-PCR test must be performed, and analysis typing test by + ICGES, and comply with a quarantine for 14 days in a hospital hotel for covid-19 travelers.

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