Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Vacuna anticovid de Pfizer

Panama to buy 4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer

The president of Panama Laurentino Cortizo reported that the Cabinet Council approved this Thursday $48 million dollars for the purchase of vaccines against COVID-19 from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.
As Cortizo explained, with these funds they seek to acquire 4 million vaccines to apply to two million people, since two doses per person will be necessary.

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its partner, the German laboratory BioNTech, announced on November 9 that the vaccine they are developing is 90% effective, according to the results of their phase 3 study, which is the last stage before formally requesting its approval.

Although Pfizer and BioNTech were the first to present results from phase 3 studies, there are currently nine other vaccine projects at this same stage.

The president's statements were made in the province of Chiriquí, in the middle of a meeting he held with agricultural producers at the Cold Chain Postharvest Center, in Volcán.

It should be noted that several people in Panama have already received the vaccine from the German company CureVac against COVID-19 , which is developing a phase 2 study in this country corresponding to trials to prove efficacy.

Panama, at the same time as Peru , began on September 30, the phase 2 clinical trial of CureVac's CVnCoV vaccine against COVID-19 , with 250 volunteers.

Alex 168 days ago
Great for Panamanian public in general. Today Nov 18 was announced that Pfizer Vaccine is 95% effective with no risk factors. This is a blessing on the horizon. They will be people trying to undermine the power of reliable vaccine. But these are the same people that were against mask mandate a minority of ignorants. So Bravo Panamá.
Oh ya 172 days ago
Let it be known the process Pfizer used for this vaccine has never been used on humans before so you by getting this will be a long term lab rat. And laws are now such that pharmaceutical companies can not be sued if the harm or kill you. So don't be a lab rat


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