Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Panama's Maritime Chamber challenge the new total quarantine

Panama's Maritime Chamber challenge the new total quarantine

The Panama Maritime Chamber through a statement issued this afternoon raised its disagreement against the new total quarantine decreed by the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) from January 4 to 14.
The Chamber expresses in advance its concern about the increase in the number of cases and the increase in deaths caused by COVID-19 , and reiterates the importance of citizens taking the widely publicized biosafety measures to stop contagion.

They also ensure that the companies unionized in the Chamber rigorously comply with the biosecurity protocols dictated by the Minsa to avoid contagion in their collaborators and users and, therefore, have worked uninterruptedly throughout the pandemic period, attending the needs of an important sector of the Panamanian economy.

That is why we express our disagreement with the measure disclosed by the Minister of Health in a press conference last night, declaring another total quarantine without working hours from January 4 to 14, 2021, without having presented a concrete plan to deal with to the pandemic in a forceful and definitive way by the National Government, says the statement.

However, despite the fact that the maritime and logistics sectors do not cease their work, the Chamber indicates that the suppliers of its companies are Panamanian private traders whose operations will be suspended, directly affecting not only this sector, but also the already deteriorated one. national economy.

With this statement, the Chamber expresses its solidarity with the country's businessmen, merchants and workers and demands from the National Government a deep introspection on the actions taken, conscientiously analyzing the failures and weaknesses of the health system and planning in the short, medium and long term sanitary measures consistent with the economic reality of Panama.

Oh ya 109 days ago
Yes yes yes it companies and the citizens needs to stand up and say NO. This has nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with a power control problem


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