Monday, Sep 27, 2021

Panama reports 838 new COVID-19 cases and 9 deaths in 24 hours

Panama reports 838 new COVID-19 cases and 9 deaths in 24 hours

The Minsa reported that in Panama 9,843 cases are active and 432,938 people have recovered from COVID-19.
For Wednesday, August 18, in Panama, a total of 449,762 accumulated cases of COVID-19 are counted, of which 838 are new infections.

In addition, for today the total number of people who have died in Panama due to the coronavirus rises to 6,981, after registering 9 new deaths and updating 2 of previous dates that total.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reports that in the last hours 11,486 tests were carried out to detect COVID-19 .

The positivity rate in the country is 7.3% and a mortality rate of 1.6% remains.

The epidemiological report indicates that 9,843 are active and of this number, 9,118 citizens are doing isolation in their homes and 281 are in hospital hotels.

The report adds that there are currently 444 people who are hospitalized, of which 337 are in the ward and 107 in intensive care units.

On the other hand, to date, 432,938 people have recovered from COVID-19 are registered in Panama.

mike 39 days ago
The corona joke of the century:
"Day & Night ... 24 hours a day ... 7 days a week ... the pharmaceutical industry is fighting ... FOR OUR HEALTH. "
RealMINSA 39 days ago
OMG OMG OMG - We will all die!!! *NOT*

So..majority of the people are "double-vaccinced".
Does that mean...I DONT HAVE TO WEAR A MASK?
Do i STILL have to get TEMPERATURE Checks at every trash-business i'd like to enter?
Can i STILL get the ominous Covid (no matter which greek-letter version)?
etc. etc.
If you can only answer ONE of these questions with YES - you have been scammed!!!!!


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