Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Panama reports 649 new COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths in 24 hours

Panama reports 649 new COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths in 24 hours

The Minsa highlights that the country accumulates 455,527 infections and 7,039 deaths due to COVID-19.
The epidemiological report for this Friday, August 27, reports that some 649 new cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Panama, bringing the accumulated infections to 455,527.

The Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) also highlights that in the last 24 hours there have been about 6 new deaths and 2 deaths are updated from previous days, increasing to 7,039 deaths from this new coronavirus in the country. The lethality of the virus is 1.5%.

So far some 440,407 people have been recovered from this virus and active cases are set at 8,081.

From this last figure it stands out that there are 7,474 people confined to their homes, while another 230 are staying in hospital hotels.

While in hospital wards there are 279 confined patients and 98 remain in intensive care units.

In the last hours in the country, some 11,516 new tests have been carried out to detect COVID-19, which have yielded a positivity of 5.6%.

mike 403 days ago
The human body is a very complex ecosystem.
It consists of many trillion cells. Many trillions of bacteria inhabit it. Many trillions of viruses live in it.
(Don't tell the Minsa officials! They will freak out again and buy new plastic underwear. Then they will panic and put plastic bags over their heads and stop breathing.)


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