Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Panamá supera las 6,400 defunciones por Covid-19; se reportan 526 casos positivos nuevos

Panama reports 526 new COVID-19 cases and 7 deaths in 24 hours

Panama surpassed 6,400 deaths from Covid-19 this Sunday, June 6, highlights the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) .
In the last 24 hours, seven people died from the virus, totaling 6,402 accumulated.

The report indicates that 526 new positive cases were registered, for a cumulative total of 382,475. And they applied 7,676 tests, with a positivity of 6.8%.

The total of recovered amounts to 368,365. Meanwhile, the number of active cases totals 7,708. In home isolation, 7,285 are reported, of which 6,886 are at home and 399 in hotels. While the hospitalized number 423 and of them 361 are in ward and 62 in intensive care units.

Oh ya 8 days ago
And just what treatment are they offering to these people who test postive? Are they giving them the proven products hydroxicloroquine and ivermectin or are they just tell them to go to the hospital when they get really sick. And what is the CT rate they are using on the PCR test. Funny the government posts everyday but does not give the answer to these 2 simple questions. We know this is bull crap when they will not answer the question
Marilyn 8 days ago
Lots of people are still interested
mike 8 days ago
Please divide 6400 by 17. Then we will have around 380 flu deaths for Panama in 15 months.
So what? Stop the boring Corona show. Nobody believes in it anymore


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