Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Panama reports 401 new COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths in 24 hours

Panama reports 401 new COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths in 24 hours

There are a total of 448,628 recovered patients and 5,490 active COVID-19 cases, of which 5,137 are in home isolation.
After reporting a total of 401 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, Panama raised its number of infections to 461,230, according to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, 6 new deaths were reported, and 2 deaths from a previous date were updated, totaling 7,112 deaths due to this virus in the country. The fatality rate remains at 1.5%.

7,304 new tests were carried out to detect COVID-19, for a percentage of positivity of 5.4%.

There are a total of 448,628 recovered and 5,490 active cases.

Of the total active cases, there are 5,137 people are in isolation, of which 4,931 are at home and 206 in hotels; while 353 patients are hospitalized, of them 269 in ward and 84 in intensive care.

Despite the fact that Panama is in the process of vaccination against COVID-19, the use of masks continues to be essential as they represent protection above 80%.

mike 383 days ago
It's good that we don't agree, otherwise we'd both be wrong
harleyrider 383 days ago
You get your "experts", I've got mine and they don't agree on anything. Believe what you want.
RealMINSA 383 days ago
Yeah we go again.
Where is the F'in EVIDENCE? These are all only lottery-numbers...daily pulled out of the Minsa's A*s.

Everywhere catastrophies, Delta, Omeage, Epsilon, Zeta....(almos no letters left), but our Wanker-Clown-President "Chorizo" is babbling about opening the Ferias, Xmas, Carnival....
Yeah...exactly THAT kind of "dumb-bait" is what the population here is lacking and needing.
Unfortunately it will not change anything. Dumb stays dumb, and ignorant stays ignorant - no matter the evidence or your title.


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