Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

Se aplicaron 16,375 pruebas para detectar covid-19, para un 20.8% de positividad

Panama reports 3,413 new COVID-19 cases and 51 deaths in the last 24 hours

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) of Panama reported a record number of 51 deaths due to covid-19 in the last 24 hours, which brings the total accumulated deaths to 3,715 for a case fatality of 1.7%.

Meanwhile, 3,413 new cases were reported, bringing the total accumulated infections in the country to 223,674.

According to the epidemiological report of the Minsa, 16,375 tests were applied to detect covid-19, for a 20.8% positivity.

There are 39,914 active cases and 180,045 recovered patients.

There are 38,044 patients in home isolation, of which 37,307 are at home and 737 in hospital hotels.

While 1,870 patients are hospitalized, of which 1,683 are in the ward and 187 in intensive care.


Some observers have argued that the Minsa reported case fatality rate (number of COVID linked deaths / number of known cases) in reality should be much lower, as the number of reported cases does not necessarily reflect the truth, as the testing does not cover the whole population, and many cases go undetected. At the same time, the government can't report what they don't know, but readers should note that the numbers may tell a different story from the reality.

Also, the method used in Panama to define how a "COVID death" is counted is also unclear, as many of the deaths correspond to underlying previous conditions, such as cancer, blood diseases, other age related diseases etc., and are reported as COVID deaths since the patient also had the coronavirus. On the other hand, many viruses are known to lower the patient's immunity and expose them to other diseases. As an example most HIV/AIDS patients don't die from the virus itself, but from other derived diseases such as pneumonia or regular flu.

There have also been reports on the inaccuracy of the PCR test, which would compromise the figures mentioned above.

In lack of better information sources, PanaTimes continues to publish reports with the government (Minsa) announced figures. Readers are adviced to use their own judgement. We are happy to publish more accurate reports, if they become available to us or our contributors.


Jim Curtis 109 days ago
Keep preaching the word Gen. Butler....the Plandemic is coming, the Plandemic is coming!...bought and paid for by those who are hell bent to impose a One World Government upon free people
General Butler 109 days ago
Just heard from a friend in Costa Rica who says he hasn't worn a mask in over a month and no one cares. No pandemic there, right next door. He said HCQ is easily available and he has taken it as a prophylactic. What's going on, folks?


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