Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

Panama reports 257 new cases of COVID-19 and 2 deaths in 24 hours

Panama reports 257 new cases of COVID-19 and 2 deaths in 24 hours

The Minsa reported that Panama registered 2 new deaths due to COVID-19 and 2,319 active cases of COVID-19 remain.
Panama registered 257 new cases of COVID-19 this Wednesday, October 20 , which raised the accumulated infections to 470,855.

The epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) detailed that in the last hours there were 2 new deaths and 1 death from previous days is updated; which increased to 7,300 deaths from coronavirus in the country. The lethality of the virus is 1.5%.

The number of recovered is presented at 461,236 and active cases are set at 2,319.

Regarding this last statistic, the authorities specified that there are 2,029 people confined to their homes and 86 are staying in hospital hotels.

While in hospital wards there are 167 patients and 37 are confined in intensive care units victims of COVID-19.

In the last 24 hours, the Minsa has applied 9,177 tests, and maintains a positivity rate of 2.8%.

Oh ya 258 days ago
Meaningless unless we know were they jabbed or not. Any other health problems and did they die from covid, CDC Says 5 % die from covid, or with covid like the other 95%.but hey i have never met people who live in fear like lots of Panamanians. If their house is not joined to the neighbors they could reach out a window and touch the neighbors house. So the authorities can scare them very quickly
Claire Sheppard 258 days ago
"Reports..." the key word.


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