Friday, Jun 25, 2021

Panama registers 731 new COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths in 24 hours

Panama registers 731 new COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths in 24 hours

Minsa and CSS personnel continue to search for COVID-19 cases with fixed points of swabs and sweeps in districts with a higher rate of cases.
The Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) reported that Panama registered 731 new cases of COVID-19, raising to 378,828 infections of the virus in the country.

According to the epidemiological report for this Tuesday, June 1, 2021, in the last 24 hours there have been 6 new deaths, increasing deaths from coronavirus to 6,377. The case fatality of the virus is 1.7%.

To date, 10,968 tests have been applied, for a percentage of positivity of 6.6% and 640 new recovered have been reported for a total of 366,039 patients recovered from COVID-19 in Panama.

Active cases total 6,412. In home isolation, 5,968 people are reported, of which 5,646 are at home and 322 in hospital hotels.

While 444 patients are hospitalized and 386 of them are in the ward and 58 remain in intensive care units (ICU).

Captain 22 days ago
You haven’t worked it out yet ? The issue is number of people in general circulation..if you reduce the numbers it impacts on transmission. Certainly you could do it in daytime as well but that would have more economic repercussions. So you try to reduce spread by first trying a PM reduction via lockdowns / curfews and if that fails you need to tighten the restrictions . … It’s amazing that even after 18 months you still get dumb posts like yours
NitoISaWANKER 22 days ago
"Panama" is NOT ABLE to register SHIT!
Thats the plain truth!
Locked up again from 10pm until morning....OMG...this horrible VIRUS is super aggressive and deadly after 10PM But it does not touch, public transport, supermarkets, schools, malls...etc.

So sad, that this beautiful country is ruled by idiots (or are they smart indeed), for naive and uneducated bigger idiots.
I know so many people, doctors and lawyers that VOLUNTARILY got their JAB's.

Decline of humankind, it was always expected. No I hope it goes faster than assumed!


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