Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Panama qualifies for the Cycling World Cup

Panama qualifies for the Cycling World Cup

Panamanian cyclists will be present at the 2021 Cycling World Cups that will be held in Belgium this September.
The pace of Panamanian Cycling is truly overwhelming: Central American champions arrived in Tokyo and now they manage to qualify for the “World Ranking” direct to the World Cups in Belgium in the Elite category that again faces the top of World Cycling the “World Tour”.

“We are in a great moment, once again we have achieved it and with two points in favor by Country Ranking and individually with Christofer Jurado who for the first time managed to enter the Top 200 in the world in a Ranking where there are more than 10,000 cyclists . It is the sum of the effort of our athletes and of our Federation. We continue to be an example of integrity and a healthy life, our young people today make a difference in a sports society where cycling leads the way” added Emer Samudio, Technical Director of the Panamanian Cycling Federation.

Samudio also reported on the payroll that will be in Flanders: "We have talked with Christofer and he has given the place on the Route to Franklin Archibold , Jury will participate only in the time trial where Archibold will also see action, 'Cristoff' has many more kilometers and wear Due to his preparation for Tokyo, 'Archi' is at his best, he looks good and deserves this opportunity, in addition these 2 "stars" open the door to Roberto Herrera who will be representing us in the sub 23 and Christofer Miranda in the Junior . requested the UCI to register our highest promise Felipe Hassanthat for 5 days he does not meet the Junior age, if the UCI answers us with a YES “Pipechan” would also be in the World Cup. Our process continues, and today we fulfill one more achievement, we continue to open the door to our young people, and we owe that to our entire Elite team.”

For his part, Christofer Jurado added: "It is time to give that opportunity to our young people, I had it and I am proud not to qualify, today I am proud to see that there is a legacy and that we continue to grow."

In the history of Panama, cycling has participated in 3 World Cups, in Colombia 1994 only at the amateur level, the rules were different and we could not face the professionals. The champion at that time would be the Spanish Abran Olano. In 2009 we only participated in the sub 23 in the Individual Time Trial with Yelko Gómez and Ramón Carretero, you could participate without qualifying, but you could not run the Route; and in 2021 cycling achieves it with UCI points in World and Individual Rankings.

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