Monday, Sep 20, 2021

Panama implements Affidavit of Digital Health for travelers

Panama implements Affidavit of Digital Health for travelers

Passengers who wish to enter Panama by air, land or sea must present the Digital Health Affidavit, prior to boarding.

People who come from abroad and wish to enter the Republic of Panama, whether they are Panamanians or not, must complete the Affidavit of Digital Health , as reiterated by the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG).

Steps to access the Digital Health Affidavit process

- Each passenger must enter the portal and complete the digital form

- Provide a photo of the result of your negative COVID-19 test taken up to 72 hours before your departure from the country of origin.

- Attach your vaccination card and hotel reservation, in case you pass quarantine in a concerted hotel.

At the end of completing the application for the Digital Health Affidavit Processing, each traveler will receive an email with a form and QR code through an attached PDF, which they must show upon arrival in Panama.

"If the passenger is only in transit, they do not have to complete the Digital Health Affidavit process. In such case the traveler is a minor, their data will be completed in the request of the responsible adult on the trip", indicated the AIG in a statement.

Last Friday, July 23, Executive Decree No. 804 came into force , which establishes measures for nationals, residents or foreigners who enter the Republic of Panama, as long as the State of National Emergency is maintained.


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