Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Salud hará pruebas aleatorias de la Covid-19 a viajeros que ingresen al territorio nacional

Panama health authorities will do random Covid-19 tests to travelers who enter the country

The Health authorities of Panama will apply random tests to detect Covid-19 to all travelers who enter the country, according to a provision issued yesterday by the government.
It is Executive Decree 61 of January 8, 2021 in which the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reinforces biosafety measures to contain the advance of the virus.

The health authority reserves the right to randomly perform the swab / PCR or antigen test, validated by the Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies, for the diagnosis of SARS-CoV- (COVID-19), to all traveler at the points of entry into the national territory, which will be borne by the Panamanian State, is reflected in Article 3 of the document.

The new decree, which modifies 1089 of September 23, 2020, reaffirms that every national, resident or foreign person intends to enter the country must present at the airports, seaports, land entrances or any other point of entry to the country the certificate of PCR or Covid-19 antigen swab test, with a negative or undetected result a maximum of 48 hours prior to entering the country.

Similarly, it is established that nationals, residents or foreigners who do not carry a negative or negative swab certificate upon arrival in the country will have the obligation to perform a rapid swab / PCR or antigen test prior to their registration for migration. detected, issued with a maximum anticipation of 48 hours.

Likewise, travelers who present the aforementioned certificate with a term greater than 48 hours after its issuance.

Test could be applied to also those who despite having the certificate, show symptoms of Covid-19. In addition, it is stated that this test will be paid by the traveler.

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