Friday, Mar 05, 2021

Panamá acumula 92,982 casos de COVID-19

Panama exceeds 2,000 deaths from COVID-19, accumulates 92,982 cases

The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) reported 917 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total accumulated infections to 92,982.
Meanwhile, 7 new deaths were registered, for a total of 2,002 deaths from this virus in the country, for a case fatality rate of 2.1%.

In the last 24 hours, 5,596 new tests were carried out to detect COVID-19 for a 16% positivity.

According to the epidemiological report of the Minsa, there are a total of 24,807 active cases and a total of 66,173 recovered patients.

Of the active patients, there are a total of 23,319 in isolation, of which 22,900 are at home and 419 in hotels, while 1,488 are hospitalized, of them 1,320 in the ward and 168 in intensive care.

General Butler 184 days ago
CDC has admitted that only 6% of covid attributed deaths were solely due to covid. All others were due to co-morbidities that would have killed the patient independently. Based on these statistics, fewer than 200 deaths from an unfortunate outbreak caused Panama to destroy it's economy, cause thousands of bankruptcies, hundreds of suicides and deaths from lack of access to normal care, drive multi-national companies and HNW investors away from the country, and basically ruin its reputation as an independent sovereign country. Great job Panama.
General Butler 184 days ago
Who cares about 'cases'? The tests are inaccurate in the first place. Secondly, so what if you have been infected? If you aren't symptomatic it means your immune system is normal and you should be fine. The whole world should be striving toward global herd immunity, not trying to postpone the inevitable. Look at Sweden. They did NOTHING and it's been over for weeks. The only entities that care about cases are the ones pushing the plandemic - the globohomo New World Order technocracy whose plan is to get everyone to agree to be vaxxed at least annually and chipped to prove it. If you cannot see where that leads then you are hopeless, and deserve to be culled in their program.


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