Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Luis Oliva, administrador de la Autoridad Nacional para la Innovación Gubernamental

Panama evaluates implementing immunity passport and international vaccination card

Luis Oliva, administrator of the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), announced during a conference on the vaccination plan against covid-19, that Panama is evaluating the possibility of implementing an immunity passport and an international vaccination card.
Within the entire process we are making available to citizens an agreement that IATA and other international entities are reaching for the development of a possible immune passport and international vaccination card, which allows Panamanian citizens at the time they travel to other countries they may also be one of the first countries to have all this digital information, said Oliva.

He also mentioned that once the vaccination process begins, the AIG will enable a digital vaccination meter and a digital vaccination card on the Panama Solidario portal.

He explained that through the digital vaccination card, the person will be able to have access to information about the facility where they were vaccinated and when the second dose is due.

On the other hand, the AIG administrator explained that the logistics process of the vaccination plan consists of 4 parts: identification, traceability, vaccination and patient monitoring, for which the ROSA virtual clinic will be enabled.

To date, Oliva confirmed, 300 thousand people have filled out the vaccination form against covid-19, of which 25% have indicated that they suffer from a chronic disease.

General Butler 38 days ago
Watch this short facebook video explaining where this going.
Lynne 39 days ago
Anyone with a brain can see where this is going, and it's full speed ahead. The "sheeple" or brainless will happily get in line for a shot that creates no immunity and alters their DNA. Bill Gates is getting his "wet dream" of sterilizing young women, and killing off the old, who are in his opinion, "useless eaters" to name just two. The proof is out there. The side effects are being censored as fast as they can. Let's hope people wake up and the memory of Noreiga is fresh in the Panamanians minds. This is a global takeover of control "on a lie". If you're stupid enough to believe it, have at it. I have no more words.
General Butler 39 days ago
Is ANYONE thinking anymore? If this 'immunity passport' idea is allowed we the people will be nothing more than branded cattle. Can no one else see where this is leading?


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