Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

Panamá establece medidas sanitarias para las personas que ingresen al país a partir del 12 de octubre

Panama establishes sanitary measures for people who arrive as of October 12

Panama established the sanitary measures that nationals, residents and foreigners who enter the country must comply with, as of October 12.
The regulations are detailed in Executive Decree No. 1089 of September 23, 2020.

Travelers must present a certificate of swab / PCR or negative antigen tests with a maximum of 48 hours, without having to comply with the mandatory isolation measure.

In addition, visitors who do not carry the certificate of swab / PCR or negative antigen tests will have the obligation to undergo a rapid test, prior to the airport migration registration, which will be paid by the tourist or resident.

If the rapid test result is negative, you will be exempt from complying with the mandatory isolation.

On the contrary, if the swab / PCR or antigen test is positive, it will go to mandatory isolation in a hotel hospital assigned by the Ministry of Health.

Seven days later, you will have an antigen test; If it is positive, the isolation of 14 days must end and if it is negative, the isolation will end.

Technical crews, auxiliary crews, mechanics and humanitarian personnel are excepted from these provisions, and they must comply with the biosecurity measures established by the Ministry of Health.

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