Saturday, Apr 17, 2021

Desarrollan plataforma para controlar la distribución de las dosis de vacunas contra el COVID -19 que serán aplicadas en Panamá

Panama creates platform for the distribution and control of COVID-19 vaccines

The administrator of the Authority for Government Innovation ( AIG ) Luis Oliva, explained this Monday, the four phases of the platform developed in Panama to control the distribution of the doses of vaccines against COVID-19 that will be applied to the servers that are are in the first line of fire (doctors, security forces, nurses, etc.).
Oliva explained that the first (1) stage is identification, where they use the database of health and safety personnel in the country.

For the second (2) phase, which is logistics, the barcodes printed on the boxes of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 will be used, in order to keep an inventory and control of all doses.

We have established an operations center in C5, located in the Panama province in which the temperature control and dispatch of the boxes will be controlled, likewise it will be known with which batch each person is vaccinated, which nurse the cattle and in what a place, said Oliva.

He added that for stage three (3) of placement, the AIG administrator maintained that they developed a tool that with the identification card will be able to record which person received the vaccine and from which lot.

While phase four (4) is a virtual clinic once people are vaccinated, if they have symptoms they can call that virtual clinic to receive an orientation.

Regarding the control once they are distributed to the vulnerable population, Oliva explained that in the next few days a form will be published in which all people who want to be vaccinated can indicate it, the infoplaces will also be used to begin to identify and work will also be done the Health Centers.

He clarified that the registration in the platform is not conditional, but a tool and part of the process to help identify in what phase those who are decided to get vaccinated are.

General Butler 102 days ago
"... likewise it will be known with which batch each person is vaccinated, which nurse the cattle and in what a place, said Oliva."
Should we be relieved to see the authorities speaking a little bit of truth with this translation into English? Just in case anyone still had any doubt, we are cattle. Are you waking up yet?
Oh ya 102 days ago
All that and they will also try keeping the power on for a whole week without it going off for some reason


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