Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

Panama - Corruption stealing everyone's future - business chamber

Panama - Corruption stealing everyone's future - business chamber

THE CORRUPT are stealing everyone's present and future says Panama's Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Cciap) marking the International Day against Corruption (December 9) and Human Rights Day (December 10).

“All human beings have basic rights that corruption constantly takes away from them. This is a humiliation that curtails the rights of those of us who are part of society - governments, multilateral entities, the private sector, the media, and citizens in general - we all also have the duty to condemn it no matter where or who it comes from” said the Chamber in its weekly newsletter.

The organization affirms that changing the course against corruption begins by working in“robust” institutions that penalize and have a real reach over the corrupt, and demand accountability, integrity, and transparency from both officials and the system in general.

“ In the criminal sphere, where there is a corrupt person, there is a corrupter, so both must be condemned and socially isolated. Corruption actions must be pointed out, denounced, punished and alienated”, says the group.

For the Cciap, fighting corruption is a duty and a right that must be promoted in all areas of society.

'The time to act is now, otherwise it will be increasingly difficult to face the challenges of sustainable development, which for now is just a chimera or, worse, it said.


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