Thursday, May 13, 2021

África falleció de una severa desnutrición tras el abandono total en el que la habían tenido sus dueños

Panama City Hall files a complaint with the MP for mistreatment of an African pitbull

The Legal Directorate and the Directorate of Environmental Management of the Mayor's Office of Panama made a formal complaint this afternoon to the Public Ministry (MP) for the negligence committed by the owners of the African dog, which died of severe malnutrition.
The Panama Animal Defenders Foundation rescued this dog from her owners' house 7 days ago, where she was in a poor state of health.

The NGO detailed through its Instagram account day after day about the incidents regarding an African a pitbull dog of approximately 13 years of age, which was found in a total state of abandonment, in which it was kept without food, which caused him to die despite the veterinary treatment they gave him.

Given this, the complaint filed with the MP requests a lifelong ban on keeping animals from the owner.

Claire 88 days ago
The LAW calls for prison time for causing the death of an animal. ENFORCE THE LAW!
Oh ya 89 days ago
Start with at least 10 years in jail. The way animals are treated in panama is sickening


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