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El sistema de reserva de tránsito es un servicio opcional que ofrece el Canal de Panamá y que permite a los clientes transitar en una fecha específica mediante el pago de una tarifa adicional, garantizando así su tránsito en la fecha determinada

Panama Canal will adjust transit and other fees as of April 15

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) announced that as of April 15 it will modify its rates for transit reservations and other maritime services to better respond to continuous market changes and better manage its capacity in the face of growing demand.

The interoceanic highway explained that these changes will help to simplify the current structure and seek to reflect the value of the services it provides, including the reservation system, which ensures certainty of transit on a certain date.

The transit reservation system is an optional service offered by the Panama Canal that allows customers to transit on a specific date by paying an additional fee, thus guaranteeing their transit on the specified date.

"The growing demand for these quotas has led the Canal to reflect the value of this service in its rates, in order to meet current supply and demand ," said the ACP.

Changes to the reservation system rates will be as follows:

Quotas for reservation of transits

Panamax locks:

- Regular (less than 27.74 meters (91 feet) wide): $10,500.00.
- Supers (vessels with a total length of less than 274.32 meters (900 feet) and a maximum beam of 32.61 meters (107 feet)): $40,000.00.
- Supers: (vessels with a total length between 274.32 meters (900 feet) and 294.44 meters (966 feet), and a maximum beam of 32.61 meters (107 feet)): B / .50,000.00.

Neopanamax locks:

- Vessels with beam less than 42.67 meters (140 feet) (including Panamax Extra vessels): $70,000.00.
- Vessels with beam equal to or greater than 42.67 meters (140 feet): $85,000.00.

Standard auction slots

The base or initial amount for the reserve quotas awarded through the regular auction process will be as follows:

- For regular vessels, the base or initial amount will remain at $15,000.00.
- For super vessels: the base or initial amount will be $55,000.00.
- For neopanamax vessels (including Panamax Extra): the initial base or amount will be $93,500.00.

Special auction quota:

An additional quota only for neopanamax vessels and conditional on the mix of vessels among other factors. The base or initial amount for the quotas awarded through the special auction will be: $100,000.00.

The Panama Canal also announced that as of next April 15 it will modify other maritime services provided, including the rates of services related to transit for tugs, cable glands and locomotives, as well as complementary services, including the inspection of vessels, cargo for safety and protection and for the Panama Canal Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP), among others.


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