Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Panamá sigue los efectos adversos de la vacuna a través del Departamento de Epidemiología del Minsa

Panama awaits PAHO to make a decision on AstraZeneca vaccine

The Heath Minister, Luis Francisco Sucre said that regarding the possible adverse effects generated by the vaccine against COVID-19 developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, they are being followed up by of the Department of Epidemiology and will await notifications from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and other international organizations.
“Our public health and epidemiology teams are following up on this information, but until that time we cannot make a decision without consulting, so we await notification from the Pan American Health Organization and other international organizations; and we are monitoring what is happening in other countries regarding this issue, "Sucre said.

It should be noted that Panama had among its vaccine acquisition options the purchase of these directly with the pharmaceutical company for more than one million doses and at the end of the first quarter, more than 200 thousand doses were expected to arrive in the country through the COVAX mechanism.

Among the health fears that the vaccine has generated in several countries is the formation of blood clots among those vaccinated.

The minister also pointed out that 5 million doses were purchased from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which will be enough to vaccinate 2.5 million Panamanians in the country.

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