Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

Panama applied 112,723 doses of vaccines against covid-19 this Wednesday

Panama applied 112,723 doses of vaccines against covid-19 this Wednesday

Of the total number of vaccines against covid-19 applied, 101,528 were from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and 11,195 from AstraZeneca.
The Expanded Immunization Program ( PAI ) of the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ) of Panama reported that this Wednesday, July 28, 112,723 doses of the vaccines against covid-19, both from Pfizer and AstraZeneca, were applied in the country.

From the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, 101,528 doses were placed, while from AstraZeneca 11,195 were applied.

Yesterday began in the country a day of vaccination by sweeping for 16 years in 10 circuits.

According to the PAI report, out of the total doses applied yesterday, 95,743 were through the scanning strategy: 8,778 doses were placed in circuit 2-2; circuit 2-4 with 2,448); circuit 4-3 with 7,284 and in circuit 4-5 4,913 were applied.

While in circuit 5-1, 2,581 doses were applied; in circuit 5-2 a total of 2,001; and the Emberá region 743.

In circuit 9-1, 9,357 doses were applied; in the 9-3 circuit with 8,461; circuit 8-1 with 22,343 doses and in circuit 8-6 in San Miguelito 26,825.

On the other hand, 4,866 doses of both vaccines were placed in the fast cars, and in other vaccination points in the country a total of 12,123.

According to the Minsa, the vaccination days are progressing at a good pace, and in 3 months 80% of immunized people could be reached.

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