Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Panama and Costa Rica reach agreement allowing transit of Panamanian trucks

Panama and Costa Rica reach agreement allowing transit of Panamanian trucks

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries reported this afternoon Wednesday, May 20, that the governments of Panama and Costa Rica reached an agreement that allows the transit of Panamanian carriers through Costa Rican territory.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alejandro Ferrer, and Minister of Commerce and Industries, Ramón Martínez from Panama participated in diplomatic efforts and negotiations to achieve the agreement.

Negotiations focused on coordinating measures that will guarantee the best health and safety conditions for Panamanian carriers.

In the negotiations, procedures and mechanisms were sought to guarantee that the transport of food and medicines to Panama will not decrease in the midst of the pandemic.

The conclusion was that the flow of merchandise in the region will be maintained, amid the consequences generated by the quarantine.

The Government of Costa Rica established that truckers and transporters, who travel through its territory must have been tested negative to Covid-19, otherwise they would not be authorized to pass.

More than 50 Nicaraguan carriers tested positive for the coronavirus, therefore they were unable to cross the border with Panama and parts of Costa Rica.

Last Friday a group of 50 carriers who were heading to Panama from other Central American countries were escorted by the Costa Rican police authorities to the border of Panama.

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