Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Panama and Chile join forces to help Haiti

Panama and Chile join forces to help Haiti

Panama offered itself as a logistics hub to receive the aid that will be sent to Haiti, a country hit by a strong earthquake.
Panama and Chile have joined and coordinated efforts in the region to come to the aid of the people of Haiti, hit in recent days by a violent earthquake that caused hundreds of victims and caused an incalculable humanitarian crisis.

In this union, Chile made available from this task a cargo plane that will arrive in Panama on Tuesday, August 17. While the role that Panama will play will be in its condition of humanitarian Hub, facilitating logistical requirements.

It should be noted that this assistance cooperation was agreed by Presidents Laurentino Cortizo Cohen and Sebastián Piñera.

In a meeting held this Sunday afternoon, Vice President José Gabriel Carrizo Jaén, instructed the Ministers of Foreign Relations; Government, Public Security, Social Development, and Health, coordinate what is necessary to collect the help that the country can provide at this time to the Haitian brothers, consisting mainly of water, dry and canned food, medicine, blankets, toilet kits and awnings campaign.

The private sector has been summoned to this humanitarian effort, hoping that once again, we Panamanians will make a demonstration of solidarity with brother peoples in disgrace.

It was announced that the collection center arranged for this purpose in Parque Omar, will be open from 7:00 am tomorrow, Monday, August 16.

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