Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Panama - 43% increase in covid cases with 4000 looming

Panama - 43% increase in covid cases with 4000 looming

The epidemiological week (December 12 to 18 closed with 2,490 new infections of Covid-19, an increase of 43%.which represents 748 more cases compared to the previous one
Statistics from the Ministry of Health also indicate that the country is about to reach 4,000 active cases.

President Cortizo has called on the population to redouble prevention efforts and urged vaccination.

The epidemiological week closed with an average of 355 new cases of Covid-19, which represents 106 more infections than the previous one when the average was 249 per day.

There was an increase in deaths with an average of two per day when last week it was one death.

According to Minsa, the rebound in positive cases is still within the expected amount between November and December.

“During this pandemic, we have won some battles. There is still no victory cry. Let's double our guard. Last week, 117 vaccination centers opened. Please go to get vaccinated,”Cortizo said.

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, pointed out that being vaccinated is not a patent for breaching biosafety measures, so he suggested that the population continue to use masks, with frequent hand washing and cleaning. physical distancing, particularly in places where there are crowds.

The reports of Cortizo and Sucre occur at a time when the World Health Organization (WHO) states that the Omicron variant has been detected in more than 85 countries, and the cases of Covid-19 related to this mutation are doubling between 1.5 and 3 days in places with community infections and not only for infections acquired abroad.

To date, no cases of the new variant have been detected in the country; however, health authorities are betting on epidemiological surveillance, as well as vaccinating the largest number of people throughout the country.

According to the Expanded Program on Immunization, 6.1 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been applied. In this context, the target population, from 12 years of age, is covered with one dose in 90.2% and with two doses in 80.9%.

In addition, 9,000 tests are carried out daily.

MHogan 288 days ago
And well, you should be mike /sarc on.
The Covid guys are determined to make the “Omicron Variant” appear as frightening as possible, that means getting as many cases as possible, which means flipping all the way to the front of the Covid playbook.
Enter “The 5 Signs You May Have Omicron Covid”, an article in the Metro yesterday, and repeated in spirit across dozens of other outlets.
For those of you feeling morbidly curious, here are the five signs of Omicron:
* scratchy throat
* Fatigue
* mild muscle aches
* dry cough
* night sweats
The astute reader will no doubt pick up that these are the symptoms of every single one of the common cold viruses that infect millions of people all over the world every single year. Of course, all bets are off if they manipulate hospitalized vaccine adverse events as an Omicron case.
mike 288 days ago
Oh - I'm so scared!


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