Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Panama reports 364 new COVID19 cases and 2 deaths in 24 hours

Panama reports 364 new COVID19 cases and 2 deaths in 24 hours

With a total of 364 new cases of COVID-19, Panama raised its number of coronavirus infections to 357,277, according to the epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) 7 April 2021.
In addition, 2 new deaths were reported, totaling 6,148 deaths from this virus in the country.

The case fatality rate remains at 1.7%.

9,981 new tests were carried out to detect COVID-19, for a percentage of positivity of 3.6%.

As indicated by the Minsa, there are a total of 346,611 recovered patients and 4,518 active cases.

Of the total active cases, 4,034 people are in isolation, of which 3,820 are at home and 214 in hotels; while 214 patients are hospitalized, of which 415 are in the ward and 69 are in intensive care.

Despite the fact that Panama is in the process of vaccination against COVID-19, the use of masks continues to be essential as they represent protection above 80%.

mike 7 days ago
Countless medical examinations worldwide clearly show that the masks do not offer any protection against viruses. You can still believe that masks protect against viruses. Just like many people still believe in Santa Claus
lola 7 days ago
History vs Mike. need l say more.. what airborne particulate does is infect, see cold virus, influenza various and plague. denial is a river in egypt yes it is mike
mike 8 days ago
The mask offers absolutely no protection against the virus. 80% protection is scientific nonsense. Therefore the mask should be abolished immediately.


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