Sunday, May 09, 2021

Se retuvieron varios componentes de armas y se aprehendió a un persona

Operations carried out in Panama and West Panama against the International Gun Trafficking

The Public Ministry and the National Police of Panama this afternoon carried out various raids through the operation called "Transportador", with which they seek to counteract the illicit trafficking of weapons in the country and remove those who engage in the illegal trade of weapons from circulation.
The search procedures were carried out in the metropolitan area and Panama Oeste, and through these a person has been apprehended and a large number of firearms components have been seized.

According to Emeldo Márquez, of the Office of the Prosecutor Against Organized Crime , and the Director of Judicial Investigation (DIJ), Commissioner Carlos Valencia, through these proceedings the modus operandis through which weapons are introduced into the country in parts was detected.

"We carry out raids and in other related metropolitan areas against the crime of International Traffic in Firearms where a person and other objects related to this investigation have been apprehended. We must emphasize that this crime of trafficking is carried out at through which the person used courier companies to be able to introduce components of firearms to later be assembled and distributed in different areas of the Republic of Panama", explained the prosecutor.

Márquez pointed out that penalties ranging from 12 to 15 years in prison are maintained for this crime.

In Panama, raids were carried out in Parque Lefevre, Chanis and Chilibre; to two residences and a winery; apart from the weapons components, one vehicle was retained.

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