Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Only 45% of restaurants will survive with 'food delivery'

Only 45% of restaurants will survive with 'food delivery'

Restaurants try to overcome the crisis they are in with food home delivery, but it is not enough to revive all their staff or to offer their full menu.
The Restaurant and Related Association of Panama has 550 members and approximately 45% are providing the service in a very limited way.

This union calculates that 25% of the restaurants will close; that is, some 137 businesses, burdened by the drag of debts and the lack of liquidity due to the fact that they cannot offer the on-site service.

Likewise, the Association of Restaurants, Bars and Discotheques of Panama estimates that 35% of the unionized businesses in this organization will not see the light after the pandemic. This association maintains about 858 businesses in its membership, so the calculation indicates that about 300 will not be able to return.

The weight of the sector in the labor arena is enormous. The Restaurant and Allied Association estimates that its members have about 25,000 employees, almost all with suspension of contracts. Bars and clubs, meanwhile, have another 8,000 employees waiting to return, something that will take time: they are in the fifth and sixth reopening blocks. The restaurants are in the fourth block.

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