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One big lie in the Queen's speech resonated in the Caribbean

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The Queen's speech included a statement that is an unfortunate big lie: "my Government will play a leading role in defending democracy and freedom across the world", while the The very same Queen's government is trying to do exactly what Putin is trying to do in Ukraine, within the BVI: implanting their "puppet government" instead of the democratically elected government... (and if BVI people will try to defend their country from Britain's invasion, they will be slaughtered as well, obviously)
The speech included this lie without shame, although the British government is currently discussing the recommendation of the Queen's representative to abolish democracy in the Virgin Islands, suspend the Constitution there and replace the Virgin Islands' democratically-elected government with a non-elected dictator, appointed by the Queen, and controlled remotely by the UK, not by any of the Virgin Islands people.

The recommendation of Queen Elizabeth's representative that the Virgin Islands should abolish democracy is not "only" a crime against humanity, but also a direct violation of the United Nations Resolution 1514, which obliges Britain to immediately cessate their role and allow full democracy in all Overseas territories, without any interference - no ifs or buts.

If the Queen were true to herself, as we have always believed and hoped, she would immediately publicly reject the unconstitutional recommendations of her charlatan representative, Gary Hickinbottom. Furthermore, she would publicly announce that she does not intend to even consider the terrible possibility of overthrowing democracy and ruling the Virgin Islands via a non-elected puppet government controlled remotely by foreigners, instead of a Virgin Islands government of the Virgin Islands people, by their people, for their people.

When that is the case, what right do we have to complain about the lies to Parliament by Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak , when even the Queen's Speech is used publicly to deliver a lie - not only to Parliament, but also to the nation and the entire world.

What a shame ...


1. Support for the protection of so-called democracy in Ukraine, by anyone who benefits directly or under the table from the huge sums taken from British taxpayers without any control and supervision in favor of military aid to Ukraine is called bribery, not democracy.

Helping Ukraine is by removing all the barriers Britain put in order to block refugees from coming to safety.

2. "Defending democracy across the world"? What about Britain to start with? Is Britain really a democracy?

If so, why is there no constitution in England, which is the condition for democracy?

And why above the elected officials is there a House of Lords that is not elected by the people and above them there is a monarchy that does not represent the people?

And why does the Queen delay the approval of democratic laws and condition the signing of them on them by exempting her from paying taxes imposed by the law?

And if this is the government of the people why does the Queen's speech repeatedly say the lie as if the government is hers and not the people's?

And why when the people voted twice for Brexit the government ignored the will of the people and did not exercise the Brexit after the first vote on it?

Leave Brexit - how did Britain joined the EU and lost its independence for so many years without even asking the people if they were interested?

And if they did not ask the people whether to join the union, why must a referendum be held to get out of it?

And who among the people voted for Iraq and Afghanistan invasion?

And how is it that Tony Blair receives a British nobility when in the eyes of the majority of the public his place is in the Hague prison for crimes against humanity?

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