Saturday, May 08, 2021

Ombudsman's Office will investigate alleged police human rights violation in Villa Lorena

Ombudsman's Office will investigate alleged police human rights violation in Villa Lorena

After the alleged police abuse committed against a street vendor in Villa Lorena by various police units on Tuesday morning, the Office of the Ombudsman of Panama indicated that it ordered an investigation of the complaint for police abuse committed against the citizen.
The Ombudsman, Eduardo Leblanc González, ordered to open an external investigation to the alleged violation of the human rights of a citizen by Lince units of the National Police, a fact that has been disseminated through social networks, said the statement from the Ombudsman.

According to what the statement and according to the statements of the victim's wife, the National Police units involved in this incident used excessive force: they beat him on the floor, they kicked him, they even put the taser on him, this is not fair and we demand justice.

After opening the complaint, a Human Rights officer will be assigned, who will initiate the investigation process into this incident.

It should be noted that this fact was made known through a video that was leaked on social networks and that denounced the excess of police force against the subject who sold on a sidewalk in this sector.

At this time no drugs were found but it is worth mentioning that the citizen was uncontrollable and the citizens tried to interfere in the police work, as there were two units, support was requested, in that the struggle is formed and the arrest of the citizen, said Menezes.

He clarified that this person maintained a precautionary measure as a result of an illicit sale of a substance, however, at the time of his arrest, he did not have any type of drug in his possession.

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