Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Ombudsman pronounces on restrictive measures and vaccination for Vale Digital

Ombudsman pronounces on restrictive measures and vaccination for Vale Digital

The ombudsman, Eduardo Leblanc, recalled that there are laws that regulate the rights and obligations of patients, as well as the admission to commercial premises.
The Ombudsman , Eduardo Leblanc, spoke about the mobility restriction measures due to the pandemic and the decision of the National Government to condition the Digital Vale on vaccination against covid-19.

“As a national human rights institution, we urge the public and private sectors to respect the right that each individual has to freely decide to be vaccinated or not, as stated in Law No. 68 of November 20, 2003, which regulates human rights. and obligations of patients in terms of information and free and informed decision," said the Ombudsman in a statement.

Regarding the possibility that citizens are required to be vaccinated to enter businesses, the Ombudsman mentioned that Law No. 16 of 2002, which regulates the right of admission to all commercial premises, is still in force.

"Applying any measure not contemplated in the aforementioned rule, in addition to being illegal, constitutes discrimination," the Ombudsman warned.

Regarding mobility restriction measures, it indicated that although such measures violate the right to free movement, collective rights prevail.

On the other hand, he urged the authorities prior to taking actions related to the dress code to receive their dose of the vaccine against covid-19, to document themselves on national and international norms on non-discrimination.

However, Leblanc urged citizens to inform themselves about the vaccination process and its benefits.

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