Thursday, May 13, 2021

El hecho ocurrió durante una inspección en el restaurante La Fragata

Official of the Bella Vista Community Board assaulted during inspection at La Fragata restaurant

An official of the Bella Vista Community Board was attacked on Tuesday night, while conducting an inspection at the La Fragata restaurant, located in Obarrio, after residents denounced the presence of people inside the premises despite the prohibition of attention to the public.

Christian Vieira, explained that when he arrived at the place he proceeded to record what happens inside the premises, at which time one of the people in charge of the place came out and tried to take his cell phone, pushed him and threatened him, in front of which he requested support of the National Police.

We were able to observe several people at various tables inside, I proceeded to record from the outside and one of the managers, seen in the videos circulating on the networks, proceeded to try to take my cell phone from me, pushed me, threatened me, I had to request support from the Police, they would not let me leave the site, the Police arrived, at the time of requesting the documents they refused to deliver them, the summons for the Municipality was left under the door since they did not even want to receive us later , Vieira detailed.

The representative of Bella Vista, Ricardo "Ricky" Domínguez, indicated that taking photographs and videos is part of the functions that they must perform as evidence and part of the record, and he hopes that the corresponding authorities will impose the fine that is required in this case.

The official Cristian Vieira from the Communal Board was threatened by some people who appear in the video that they wanted to take away his cell phone, where they would not let him take photos that is part of his functions, take photos as a sign that they were In breach of the rule that they could not attend the place, the official is making a report of everything he saw, with details, with a photo, the video to then give it to the Municipality of Panama and the Ministry of Health so that they can take the measures they have to drink and hopefully they will be fined, said Domínguez.

It is worth mentioning that in September 2020, La Fragata restaurant was sanctioned with 5,000 dollars due to holding a party in August, failing to comply with the sanitary measures established by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).


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