Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

El periodista Juan Cajar

National Police drop the charges against La Estrella journalist Juan Cajar

The National Police (PN) presented on Monday, November 2, a request to withdraw the charges filed against the journalist of the newspaper La Estrella de Panamá, Juan Cajar.
This was confirmed by the social communicator, who went today to the Casa de Paz in the Bella Vista district, to a hearing.

The National Police presented a withdrawal from the charges, which we value positively, I believe that it strengthens the democracy of our country, it is something valuable that we weigh very well on the part of the public force, said Cajar.

Oreste Arena, Cajar's lawyer, explained that in the letter, the PN acknowledged their error, explained that they were confused and therefore rectified the accusation.

Cajar was detained by PN units on October 29, while he was covering a protest on the premises of the National Assembly and was accused of allegedly disturbing public order.

According to the PN, Cajar did not have his press card during the arrest and neither did he maintain filming or recording equipment, however videos that circulated on social networks captured the moment when Cajar showed the units his document that identified him as a journalist .

After the arrest, the director of the PN, Jorge Miranda issued a statement apologizing to the journalist.

In addition to Cajar, during the protest 5 other people were arrested.

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