Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

La Policía se acercó a Buena Vista, Colón, a hacer las investigaciones por este supuesto maltrato animal

National Police clarifies that dogs were run over and not killed with machetes in Colón

After several dog owners denounced in the Buena Vista district in Colón that their pets were killed with machetes, National Police units traveled to the scene to investigate the events and after making an expert report they concluded that they were killed by car.
The units spoke with the owners of the three dogs that were run over in this sector and told them why they found they were not killed with machetes, pointing to the signs found on the road.

The owners of the dogs appreciated the prompt attention of the Police, the National Directorate of the Environmental, Rural and Tourist Police and the National Directorate of Judicial Investigation.

The Police urged the public to continue with the complaints of animal abuse.

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