Wednesday, May 25, 2022

National Assembly calls for three ministers to answer questions on Covid-19 vaccines

The ministers Luis Francisco Sucre (Health), Erika Mouynes (Foreign Relations) and Héctor Alexander (Economy and Finance) were summoned to the National Assembly, to answer a questionnaire of 21 questions related to the vaccines against Covid-19 that are expected in the country.
- How many vaccines has the Panamanian State bought?
- At what price?
- From which companies?
- How much have we borrowed to face the pandemic?

These are some of the questions that the ministers must address before the full legislature.

The deputies who supported this summons ask to know what infrastructure is required to distribute and apply the different types of vaccines nationwide. They also require the detail of the arrival and application schedule of vaccines against the new coronavirus in Panama.

In turn, they also ask, if an extension of the total quarantine is considered after January 14, 2021 and about the economic support they have for small restaurants and the sector.

The deputies Luis Ernesto Carles, Mayín Correa, José María Herrera, Itzi Atencio, Ana Giselle Rosas, Gabriel Silva, Pedro Torres, Bernardino González, Juan Diego Vásquez, Yesenia Rodríguez, Hugo Méndez, Edison Broce, Lilia Batista, Raúl Fernández endorsed the summons to the three ministers of state.

Oh ya 497 days ago
Cut off government paychecks until after Covid and the pandemic will be over by morning. People letting a little bit of power ruin the lives of many


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