Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

‘Mi país no es un negocio’, la protesta ciudadana contra la corrupción

'My country is not a business', states protest against corruption

A group of citizens demanded the Government on the afternoon of this Thursday, February 11, to account for the management of public funds, especially those destined to face the crisis due to the pandemic.
They did it during a demonstration on Calle 50 and via Spain. “We are here to speak out for the collective discontent that we have had in the last year. We cannot continue to live from decree to decree. Why are we on the street? We have ten consecutive Thursdays trying to hold accountability. Even with the vaccine they are negotiating,” said a protester with a megaphone.

For his part, Cristian Abrego, from Conciencia Ciudadana, explained that the people should not allow the country to manage it as if it were a private company. "It cannot be that we continue to be a condescending, indolent country," he said.

The protesters carried banners with slogans against corruption. Others sounded pots.

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