Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Motta: if we don't balance the measures we will find ourselves a destroyed country

Motta: if we don't balance the measures we will find ourselves a destroyed country

Panama woke up today, after a 129-day pandemic, with 50,373 cases and 1,000 deaths caused by Covid-19.
A reality that occurs amid questions from medical professionals, who ask for personal protection supplies and a stricter quarantine throughout the country.

As it will be remembered, the Government fixed Saturdays, plus Sundays, as days of total quarantine in Panama and West Panama.

However, the president of the Panamanian Society of Internal Medicine, Nuvia Batista, stressed that they are very concerned. We do not see adequate control in the community, not only because of compliance with the measures, but because of the way in which the positive cases and their contacts are followed up and isolated. Cases continue to rise and also the number of patients requiring hospitalization, he said.

Regarding the government's decision to add Saturday as a quarantine day, Batista indicated that they are not satisfied. We hope that the government will make the decisions that cannot be postponed to alleviate the crisis, said Batista, who considered that the confinement should last about 15 days.

Jorge Motta, a specialist in cardiology and Public Health, believes that the measures adopted, both in economic and health matters, must be balanced so as not to find a destroyed country in the future.

I would not agree to a total quarantine. I do think it can be focused on the places with the most cases. This pandemic taught me the weakness of our public health system, he said.

Joachin 225 days ago
Does anyone ever think even slightly outside the box in Panama? Or do they just take orders from WHO, UN, OECD, EU, and CNN?
I had my own supply of Hydroxychloroquine and zinc from previous treatment for malaria. So when I read the protocol was having success in Korea and France I decided to try it out when I started having symptoms in mid-March and once again just a week ago. 200mg of HCQ 2x per day along with 100mg zinc knocked it out in less than two days both times. The stuff is cheap and in good supply. To ban its use because big pharma cannot make a buck from it is gross negligence at best. And to think a vaccine might be the answer is just pure insanity. There has NEVER been a vax for any corona virus. Furthermore, the survival rate of those infected is 99.8% !!!! Let that sink in for a moment. The entire world is committing economic suicide over something that kills only 0.02% of the infected. This whole thing is just pure insanity. Panama should just open back up, distribute HCQ/zinc to anyone with symptoms, and get back to work. NOW.
JBWhite 226 days ago
This pandemic has told us ALL about the Panamanian-Govt. that we need to know. An Govt. unable to make ANY logical a flag in the wind - sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right. But NO unified direction. This country lacks a basic understanding of EVERYTHING!


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