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More than 300,000 students returned to classrooms through the blended modality

More than 300,000 students returned to classrooms through the blended modality

The head of Meduca, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos announced that 40% of the schools have been reactivated to start the last quarter of the school year.
This Monday, September 13, the Ministry of Education ( Meduca ) reported that in this third and last educational quarter it is expected that some 921,314 students from the official and private sector throughout the country, after having concluded the school recess after the second quarter, will incorporated in the different modalities as stipulated in the 2021 school calendar.

Of these, it is expected that a global enrollment of 300,511 students, who study in 1,398 schools located in the 16 educational regions of the national territory, will be incorporated in a blended way. 14,110 teachers should be added to these children and young people, according to statistics from the National Directorate of Environmental Education (DNEA).

"You have to remember that you must not lower your guard, establish your biosecurity routine and begin to give life to this new educational routine. Today we are talking about 1,398 educational centers with an enrollment of approximately 300 thousand students and 14 thousand teachers nationwide, and on this figure or this number of educational centers, around 800 will be gradually incorporated. We must be closing the third quarter, God willing, with 60 or 70%, obviously it will depend on other factors, however we are in that process and guaranteeing biosecurity, "said the Minister of Education Maruja Gorday de Villalobos.

It should be noted that the DNEA, in this list, did not include the 800 schools that serve students through tutorials.

It should be noted that the minister made a tour of the Carlos A. Mendoza Educational Center where the biosafety measures were verified for the benefit of the students and workers of the campus.

Meduca also pointed out that between educators and administrative officials of each campus there are 51,933 vaccinated, of these 42,532 are immunized with the two doses of drugs against COVID-19. And about 8,346 of these have not had the drug applied.

"With the support of the program Conéctate con la Estrella Radio, aimed at students of initial, primary, pre-middle and high school education, it managed to record 1,020 hours of live broadcasting. Meanwhile, Conéctate con la Estrella Televisión, developed by Meduca with the help of different television channels, on VOD platforms, in 20 weeks of the 2021 school year have broadcast 1,440 hours of recording and 880 hours of transmission, "Meduca said in a statement.

The third and last quarter of 2021 ends on December 17. The balance of activities and graduation of the students will be from December 20 to 30, 2021.

In this way, Panama begins in a more concrete way the reintegration of students, teachers and administrative personnel to the classrooms, after the pandemic arrived in the country in March 2020 and classes were suspended.

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