Friday, Sep 30, 2022

MOP expects to complete work on the Pan-American highway on Friday

MOP expects to complete work on the Pan-American highway on Friday

The MOP has been working non-stop at dawn and the foundations have already been laid to install the concrete pipes.
The National Director of Maintenance of the Ministry of Public Works of Panama (MOP), Zacarías Álvarez indicated this Wednesday morning regarding the works carried out on the Pan-American highway, at the height of Loma Cová, that they hope to complete them completely on Friday.

Álvarez indicated that Tuesday night and Wednesday morning they kept working and have already laid the foundations on the first two-lane panel where the subsidence was recorded and placed nine concrete pipes of twenty that must be installed, for the moment they are hindering some water and communication pipes, which are in the middle of the excavation.

The maintenance director assured that once these works are finished, they will go to the other panel, to excavate and replace the affected concrete pipes, however, he stressed that the other panel would be enabled for vehicles to transit during peak hours, at least they will keep two lanes open so that road operation does not stop at this point.

For his part, Celestino Reyna from the National Directorate of Transit Operations (DNOT), indicated that traffic through the Centenario road, an alternate road that allows drivers from the west side to enter the capital city, remains fluid and Certain minor collisions and events such as flat tires and mechanically damaged cars have been reported.

Traffic through the Pan-American Highway has been congested.

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