Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

Money counterfeiting equipment seized in Altos del Tecal

The National Police reported on Tuesday 30 June on the seizure of "technological devices" used to make counterfeit notes.
The seizure occurred in the Altos del Tecal sector, Arraiján district, thanks to a joint operation with the Public Ministry, which launched an investigation.

The Directorate of Judicial Investigation had warned that in earlier the circulation of false dollars had been detected, with cases reported in Panama East and San Miguelito. Counterfeit banknotes in denominations of $20 predominantly.

He detailed that an investigation into the situation has been started for the crime of counterfeiting money, after several cases were reported in the regions of Panama East and San Miguelito, where some independent sellers were promoting technology items on online platforms, and their products had been bought with counterfeited notes.

The authorities appeal to public to carefully verify the money they receive, and to be aware if sales suddenly jumps by scammers using fake notes posing as real buyers.

Deputy Commissioner Pablo Villarreal explains that citizens can avoid scams, and that spotting the counterfeited bills is quite easy: they have low quality of paper and printing, the size varies from the real one and the serial number is repetitive.

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