Saturday, Jun 19, 2021

Mitradel: 60 companies have hired foreigners in suspended jobs

Mitradel: 60 companies have hired foreigners in suspended jobs

The Mitradel Labor Inspection Directorate reported that it will take action to prevent these business practices.
Carlos Landero, director of the Labor Inspection Directorate of the Ministry of Labor of Panama (Mitradel), pointed out that they have discovered companies that are hiring their workers under professional services and foreigners who without work permits are occupying the positions that were suspended.

At this moment we detect 45 companies that are recurrently hiring workers in this regard and 60 companies that have workers who do not have the corresponding work permits that are foreign people who have occupying the positions of people who are suspended, he explained to RPC Landero.

The director pointed out that there is a daily consistency of companies that are not activating workers.

Law No. 201 allows very severe fines for this event and through the Inspection Directorate we are beginning to identify those companies that have suspended workers calling them to work and paying them for professional services, because they indicate that they can also collect the bonus that the State pays, then in the face of that and we are taking the action in the matter, the director said.

Landero also pointed out that they are raising awareness among employers to reactivate the positions that have been suspended in view of the economic reactivation that is taking place in the country, starting, as indicated by law, with union leaders, people with disabilities, pregnant women or in maternal jurisdiction.

In addition, the director said that they will also be behind companies that are not complying with biosafety regulations and stressed that there will be fines from $500 to $1,500.

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