Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Señorita Panamá anuncia que se aceptarán mujeres transgénero

Miss Panama announces that transgender women will be accepted

Through a statement, the Miss Panama Organization announced that transgender women will be accepted among the contestants who wish to aspire to the international Miss Universe pageant.
The decision is made following the regulations of the Miss Universe organization, which within its requirements establishes that legally recognized women in each country or franchised territory may participate in each national event.

“Based on the laws of the Republic of Panama, strictly following the fundamentals of the agreements with Miss Universe, we announce that as of 2021 legally recognized women will be officially allowed in the country and the door is opened to transgender women who have completed all their legal and medical processes," says a statement from the national beauty pageant.

PanamaJim 77 days ago
I may have a solution to this nonsense...I'm calling for all 70+-year-olds that are overweight like myself should declare themselves women and compete in these events, especially the bikini competition. That should bring this TG crap to a screeching halt.
Oh ya 77 days ago
Just because you wear a dress does not make you a women. You are still a man with a fetish with or without your boy parts
General Butler 77 days ago
Good gaaawwwd... Panama goes whole hog into the mud with the rest of the neoliberal pigs. Are you figuring out yet who is really in control?


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